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Originally submitted to "Scribble Jam" - 3th place overall!

My interpretation of classic dungeon crawler made for Scribble Jam. The game has infinite dungeon levels generation, so try how low you can get and stay alive. To unlock a hatch for lower level, kill monsters and loot the key.

Quick help:

WSAD - move, Q - turn left, E-turn right, LMB - interact (ladders, Magic Orb), Esc - restart / quit game, TAB - map.

Please use 16:9 screen ratio for best results

Version 0.0.5 brings online leaderboard. Your total score is based on damage you have dealt and the deepest dungeon level you have reached. You gain additional bonus, if you won the game on 20th dungeon level ( you need to find Magic Orb ). This feature is still in the early stages of testing and may be rebuilt. The results may be wiped from time to time.

Disclaimer: the game is in early development stage. Please do not expect a gameplay at the level of a release. I will be grateful for any feedback and opinions.


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PencilDungeon.0.0.6_win32.zip 48 MB
PencilDungeon.0.0.6_win64.zip 51 MB

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A very nice and cute dungeon crawler, I love the graphics style. I’m not sure why not make rotations and movement smooth? Also the controls are a bit chunky - skipping keypresses in the middle of a fight becomes quite annoying especially at lower levels. For some reason the generated dungeons feel a bit boring for me - maybe because there are very long crooked passages without anything to do but to rotate or strafe. Also I’d really love if the map would not be visible from the start but initially hidden and explored (which unfortunately would become only more boring if the previous note is in place). Also (that’s veeery nitpicking, really) IMHO the grain filter is a bit too strong. Overall it was quite a fun experience :)


Hi there!

First of all many thanks for such a great constructive feedback!
Regarding issues you mentioned:

  1. Movement and controls will be updatet for smooth transition, thats for sure ( I'll leave the option of "classic style" step movement in options )
  2. Layout of the dungeon level is procedural ( and at this stage very repetitive, that's right...) I'm working on solution with custom pre-made levels mixed with random dungeons. This should spice up the gameplay and not cause frustration even when "fog of war" on the minimap will be added.
  3. Thanks for pointin on grain filter!

BTW, you did a great job with "hit-and-run" tactic down here! I'm planning to add online hi-score table. I doubt anyone has come down this low before you :)

Again, many thanks.



That hit-and-run is a habit from an ancient Anvil of Dawn game. You might want to check it out on Youtube - it has a lot of similarities (and thus may offer some inspiration) to your game. They sell it on GOG, but I don’t recommend buying it, it’s too old to meet contemporary gaming standards + absurdly expensive for a 1995 game which creators ceased to exist since 2001.


Yeah, it was a common technique in ninetees. I know it from Dungeon Master and EotB.